Bird’s Eye View – Commander’s Comments June 2017

Col. David Weishaar, wing commander, 184th Intelligence Wing

I’d like to begin this article just like every article I write by telling you what a privilege it is to be the commander of the 184th Intelligence Wing—the home of the Fighting Jayhawks! We are an exceptional team. We are members of the world’s greatest military. As members of the Air Force, we have values and standards that are well defined and we are expected to live by them each and every day. We are accountable for our decisions and actions.

Every good team faces bad news from time to time. The bad news we are facing is that we are experiencing a negative trend in the way we live up to the values and standards that are expected of us. I need YOUR help in stopping this trend. As I write this, we have had four members charged with Driving Under the Influence and one member charged with domestic violence—all have occurred in a period of 35 days. This is not acceptable! I need each of you to be the wingmen that I know you are capable of being and help me take care of our Jayhawk family! You are all too valuable to your families and this Jayhawk family to not be taken care of.

Our missions demand the very best of us. No matter what our mission is, others are relying on us. It is for this reason we need to deliver our best every single day. Whether it is creating an ID card, analyzing data, fixing a router or one of thousands of other tasks, there is no room for bad decisions that will remove one of our teammates from the mission. Missing a teammate could mean the very difference between mission accomplishment and mission failure, and not just our missions, but also the missions of those we serve. We are here to serve and we Airmen get the job done.

Now the good news, we continue to set the standard in every mission set that we have. Whether it is command and control, cyber, intelligence or support, we are setting the standard—thank you! We are accountable for our decisions and actions. Didn’t I mention that earlier? If we aren’t accountable, we lose trust in each other—I have not lost my trust in you! I trust you to make the right personal and professional decisions. I trust you to continue pushing each other to the next level of greatness. I trust you to be accountable to yourself and others.

Take care of yourselves, take care of each other and take care of the exceptional team you are part of!