Fourth of July safety message

Fellow Jayhawks,

The 4th of July holiday weekend is upon us and this is a time that family and friends come together to pay respect to our great country.

During this time there are numerous activities that potentially expose us to increased risk. The leading cause of fatal mishaps during this time frame are boating activities, followed by drownings, and the use of fireworks. Whether boating, using fireworks, consuming alcohol then driving, or not using personal flotation devices, the sad news is that all of these mishaps are preventable.

We must ensure Airmen at all levels understand the importance of personal risk management and being good Wingmen. This holiday weekend is an excellent opportunity for us to personally do our part to drastically reduce mishaps. Supervisors at all levels must engage their Airmen and ensure they understand their role in mitigating risk for themselves and their families.

Additionally, continued education efforts should focus on creative ways to communicate the importance of safety for our younger troops. Success in reducing preventable mishaps depends on strong leadership, effective training, looking out for each other, and leaning on your fellow Airmen.

We challenge all Fighting Jayhawks to rise to the occasion and support each other. We can’t afford to lose anyone that belongs to our Jayhawk family.

Our ability to accomplish the mission depends upon each of you. Be responsible, emphasize risk management, and remember to take care of your fellow Wingman. Enjoy this weekend and be safe!



184th Mission Support Group Commander