Commander’s Memorial Day Message


I have the pleasure and honor of sitting on the Board of Directors of the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame in my civilian capacity.

A project I am working on to present to the board and its trustees (to include legendary football coach Bill Snyder) is researching and recording the military service of those athletes that have been inducted, the end result to be featured in a book or display at the museum in Wichita. As I have been digging into the backgrounds of these athletes, I am stunned by the amount of those who served during WWI, WWII and Korea with little or no fanfare. It may have been for only two years in some cases, but to stop their lives as athletes or coaches and voluntarily enlist or commission, is a sacrifice that cannot be overstated. As I ask you to be careful and vigilant during the upcoming holiday weekend, I would also encourage you to put in perspective the generations before ours (in my case, just before) and the “buy in” all of those had to preserve the freedoms of our country…to include those who never made it back to enjoy Memorial Day weekend.

Have a wonderful next four days!!!!


Joseph M. Jabara, Col, KSANG
184th Intelligence Wing Commander