A Guardsman’s Six Tips to Physical Fitness During COVID-19

By Airman 1st Class Sophia Weidner, 184th Wing Public Affairs

The Air Force prides itself on keeping a fit to fight force. With current health concerns and gym restrictions, it can be hard to stay physically active. 

In this article, Maj. Jenn Vogt, 184th Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance Group, lays out her advice to maintain your fitness while still staying safe.

Tip #1: Plan Your Workouts

Vogt emphasized the importance of making a plan. She said a plan helps get a variety of exercise types and set a routine.

“By getting into a routine, both your body and your brain will get used to the pattern, and it will become a habit,” said Vogt.

Tip #2: Use Your Resources

You can find many resources online for free workout ideas and schedules. These include YouTube and Pinterest which both have plenty of different types of exercises. 

During COVID-19, many apps have started offering free trials due to gyms being closed.

Vogt recently tried an online workout program. She’s able to use a popular 90-day free trial and absolutely loves it! 

Tip #3: Start an Accountability Group

An accountability group can be super helpful for motivation and ideas. With a multitude of communication platforms, there are many ways to keep in touch.

Vogt recently started an accountability group on the app GroupMe. It consists of some of her family and friends. 

She said the group really helps with “accountability posts, meal ideas, or just encouraging notes to motivate each other.” 

“Lean on your fellow wingmen and women during this time!” said Vogt.

Tip #4: Get Creative

Many people do not have equipment such as weights or machines in their homes. 

With limited access to gyms, it can be hard to reach the level of difficulty you need with your workout. Vogt suggests getting creative.

She recommends using items around your house as weights. You can also try calling local gyms and asking about equipment rental programs.

Tip #5: Track what you Eat

If you are concerned about gaining the ‘COVID 15’ then you may want to track what you are eating. 

Vogt uses an app to calculate her daily macronutrients. Other apps can help you with this as well.

She said using her phone helps her to “easily see if you are overeating or eating too much fat, carbohydrates, sodium, etc.”

Tip #6: Have fun!

“Figure out what works for you, what challenges you, and what you enjoy,” she says.

If you get bored you can always change things up. Ensuring that you don’t dread your workouts will mean you are more likely to keep doing them.

We want to hear from you! 

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Featured photo by Emma Simpson on Unsplash