About the 184th Intelligence Wing

The 184th Intelligence Wing is a collection of smaller organizations with very diverse responsibilities. While “Intelligence” is the main word in the unit’s name, it barely describes the range of activities that occur within its structures. The wing is assigned to the Kansas Air National Guard. Its main complex is located at McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, and it has two squadrons located at Smoky Hill Weapons Range near Salina.

The 184th IW is separated into five groups which include the 184th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group, 184th Cyber Operations Group, the 184th Regional Support Group, the 184th Mission Support Group and the 184th Medical Group.

The 184th ISRG conducts near-real-time observation missions in support of global operations. They communicate with specialized aerial vehicles that transmit multiple sources of data back to McConnell Air Force Base. Teams of analysts interpret the data to provide warfighters timely and accurate information about the battlefield.

The 184th COG is the newest group assigned to the wing. It consists of three squadrons that employ cutting edge technology to protect Air Force entities from cyber-attacks. Information Technology professionals test various communications networks to find weaknesses. Other personnel develop and implement tools, based on the found weaknesses, to strengthen networks and provide top-rate cyber-defense.

The 184th RSG contains three ground-based squadrons that provide communication directly to warfighters within their area of responsibility. They work with all branches of the military while managing airspace traffic within a battlefield. The 184th RSG is also responsible for Smoky Hill Weapons Range.

The 184th MSG is made up of five organizations that provide a variety of support functions to all areas within the wing. Support includes administration of personnel records, communications and Information Technology, civil engineering and construction, food services, logistical services and base security.

The 184th MDG provides medical services to all members assigned to the wing which include medical, dental and vision care, during drill weekends and in deployed locations. They also administer medical records, offer nutritional health plans and render bio-environmental services.

The 184th Wing Staff, often referred to as Headquarters, provides financial accounting, news media, spiritual guidance, legal assistance, equal opportunity management, safety administration, inspection readiness and command post services for the entire wing.