Jayhawk Spotlight – Staff Sgt. Sarah Allen

Rank and Name: Staff Sgt. Sarah V. Allen

Month/Year you joined 184 IW: October 2015

Recent achievements: 184th Wing Airman of the Year and 184th Wing Honor Guard Member of the Year.

My story: Growing up, joining the military was one of the first goals I remember setting when I was 12 years old. In school, I ran long-distance and enjoyed mental/physical challenges. I hoped to enlist after high school. Turned out, life had different plans for me—an ACL reconstruction at 18 years old. A few years later I happened to mention to a friend that I was still interested in serving but was looking for a unit that was organized and competent. He recommended I talk to the 184th recruiting team and I was blown away with that first impression. Out of all the recruiters I had spoken to from every single branch, the 184th was the unit I was looking for.

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Jayhawk Spotlight – Airman 1st Class Daelyn Haskins

Rank and name: Airman 1st Class Daelyn Haskins

Year I joined 184 WG: September 2017

Organization: 134th Air Control Squadron

My story: I grew up with my dad being in the Air Force so I saw firsthand the organization and discipline the military had to offer. I decided during high school that I was going to take my own path and go to college for athletic training. After two years of college I realized college is expensive. I decided to join the military to get college paid for. I waited four months to go to BMT and after finishing BMT seeing how proud my dad was with me crossing that blue line I decided to make the most out of the military and stay in for as long as the Air Force will keep me.

I still plan on going back to college and getting my degree so that I can take the step towards commissioning. I had to wait over a year to make it to tech school which has really slowed me down in returning to college and getting my commission. I am grateful for everything my family has done for me to get me where I am today. I am honored to have been awarded the Airman of the Quarter award and I plan on doing my best in the Air Force and making a positive name for myself and my family. e